TradeQuery API available for download now!

The TradeQuery API allows you to quickly and easily incorporate dynamic trade analysis into your trading applications, offering more insight to your trading systems development and automation.

Provide details on a real-time or historical trade, and TradeQuery will quickly return a list of similar alternative and complementary trades for your consideration.

Provide additional suitability criteria through the API, and TradeQuery will narrow the choices to a single optimized trade alternative tailored to your strategy.

Provided a backtested trading history on a single stock, or an entire portfolio, and TradeQuery will return a backtested trade performance report based on its own modifications and suggestions for your trading strategy.

The easy-to-use api is available for Microsoft developers as a .NET assembly, as well as through an easy to use REST interface for iOS/OSX/Android developers.

Access to our database and analysis engine is available as a subscription and on a prepaid basis.

Also, look for additions to our video library and our new community forum and script sharing site coming soon!


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